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About us

Janice with Jack and ZaraSouth Durham, Janice – Paws for Walks was an idea brought about by my love for animals and for the outdoor life, walking in particular. Together with my experience as a veterinary nurse, for me this is the perfect vocation. At the time I had 2 dogs of my own who were regularly walked twice a day, but I was finding it increasingly difficult to juggle work and family commitments and also keep my dogs happy. So, I began working part time and devoted my spare time to helping people in a similar situation to my own. Then in November 2005, after a lot of hard work from family and friends, Paws for Walks was born.

I have always had pets from being a very young child including dogs, rabbits, guinea pigs, mice and of course goldfish. My parents were always very tolerant of my passion for looking after the small furries, my Dad in particular.

Indeed, when I had a family of my own I still had dogs and rabbits pretending they were for the children, but secretly it was because I cannot bear life without animals. Now, Gary I and don't have any dogs of our own, having lost Milo, Zara and little Jack over the years, all to old age. However we do have the rabbits Bun Bun and Snowflake, who live together, and Star my old Dutch rabbit together with the guinea pigs Mama, Mia and Fudge. Recent additions to our family are the hens, who are an absolute delight. We have the two fat ladies, Clarissa and Jenny, and the slightly larger hens are Delia and Rusty. Who would have thought that these feathered creatures could bring so many smiles to our faces, and the eggs are a bonus too.

My time now is totally taken over with looking after other peoples pets, and I feel so privileged and honoured that clients put their trust in me to look after their most precious companions.

Gary with Jack and GlasperSouth Durham, Gary – I have lived with Janice for 10 years now and joined her as a partner in Paws for Walks in 2009.

Considering we both work and live together we rub alongside each other very well. Janice does all the organising and gives me a list of walks to do each day, which keeps me busy from 9am to 4pm and sometimes later.

I tend to do all the strenuous jobs and have recently refurbished the accommodation for the small furries so they all have plenty of room and are comfortable when they come to stay.

We don't get a lot of time off doing this job, in fact we struggle to get 2 separate weeks off together each year, but it is the most rewarding job I have ever done and the dogs reaction when we collect them for their walks is worth the personal sacrifice.

HayleyChorley, Hayley – I live in Coppull together with my 3 girls and we have a chocolate Labrador named Henry together with Tilly a cross breed I inherited when her owner died and had made a request in her will that I take care of her. We also have 2 rescue guinea pigs.

Apart from my family, animals (especially dogs) are my world. My life would not be complete without them.

My whole life has involved pets, I have my mam to thank for that. I grew up with our beloved Golden Retriever, Amy and Max our beautiful Rottweiler. We had Guinea pigs and Rabbits, I also remember keeping stick insects in my bedroom at one time.

When my mam set out with the idea of pet care and dog walking I was really dubious and thought it was more of a dream than reality. When it took off I was so proud of her but more shocked that there was a demand for this type of work. What can be more perfect than working in the outdoors with our furry friends.

In September 2010 when my circumstances allowed it and my children were all at school, we decided I would branch out Paws for Walks in the Chorley area of Lancashire. The response was amazing and work began coming in very quickly.

A number of years on I am now very established with some very loyal clients and some fantastic dogs, which I love spending time with, everyone is special in their own way.

I couldn’t be happier spending my working hours in the outdoors with my companions, watching them playing, exercising and socialising, allowing them the opportunity to be confident, well balanced dogs.

The highlight of my day is the greeting I receive when collecting them for their daily walk. That is priceless!!!!

Paws for Walks South Durham on FacebookSouth Durham – Based in Heighington covering areas such as Bishop Auckland, Shildon, Newton Aycliffe, Spennymoor, Chilton, Darlington and surrounding communities. Facebook page available at ‘Paws for Walks – South Durham’.

Paws for Walks Chorley on FacebookChorley – Based in Chorley (Lancashire) covering areas such as Coppull, Chorley, Euxton, Clayton le Woods, Standish and Addlington and surrounding communities. Facebook page available at ‘Paws for Walks – Chorley’.

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